Spanish Brass announces a new tour in the United States 2024

The tour coincides with the release of their new album, ’35,’ which celebrates the anniversary of Spanish Brass


Valencia, December 18, 2023

Spanish Brass will embark on three tours in the United States this year, starting the first one on January 5. A month of concerts, educational performances, and masterclasses will take them through Hawai’i, Illinois, New York, Oregon, California, and Texas.

During this tour, the quintet will present their new artistic proposal, celebrating their 35th anniversary by returning to their purest roots as a brass quintet. They will intertwine some of the most significant works from their career with new compositions or adaptations written expressly for the occasion.

The first two performances will be in Hawai’i on January 7 at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall in Lihue, and on January 8 and 9 in Hilo.

On January 11 and 12, they will visit the University of Chicago, followed by a performance in Temecula, California, on the 13th.

On January 14, they will be at Rockefeller University in New York, and then they will offer a Masterclass at the prestigious Juilliard School on the 17th.

Their next performance will be in Oregon at Chamber Music Corvallis on January 19, followed by appearances at Neskowin Chamber Music on January 21 and 22, where they will also provide an educational concert.

On January 27, they will travel to California to perform at Four Season Arts in Berkeley, followed by a three-day course for brass students at the Colburn School of Arts in Los Angeles, where they will work on the pieces “Berlanguiana” by Vicent Ortiz Gimeno and “Excursions” by Gregory Fritze.

Those who wish to closely follow the tour will have the opportunity to watch live streamed performances: on January 16 at Rockefeller University in New York and on February 4 at FUMC Lubbock (Texas), where they will perform alongside organist Bradley Vogel in the final concert of the tour.


35 years of history

Founded in 1989, Spanish Brass has graced more than 2,000 stages worldwide and released thirty-two albums. In 1996, it won the First Prize at the 6th International Competition for Brass Quintets “Ville de Narbonne” (France), considered the most prestigious for this formation. In 2017, it received the I Bankia Prize for Musical Talent in the Valencian Community, and in 2019, the Espai Ter Music Prize in Torroella de Montgrí for the project Mira si hem corregut terres… They hold five Carles Santos Awards by the Valencian Institute of Culture, and in 2020, they received the National Music Prize in the Interpretation category by the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

Spanish Brass has performed in the world’s most important festivals, performed at the Prince of Asturias Awards ceremony (1995), and annually organizes two brass festivals: Spanish Brass Alzira-SBALZ ( and Brassurround Torrent (

Spanish Brass plays with Shires trumpets, Paxman horn, Shires trombone, and Melton tuba, using Romera Brass mouthpieces and mutes, along with the BlackBinder app. Additionally, it uses and owns Bags, a brand of instrument cases.

Spanish Brass is supported by the Institut Valencià de Cultura and the Ministry of Culture-INAEM.

Five Carles Santos Awards

On November 24th, Spanish Brass received the Carles Santos Music Award for their latest album, ‘Resurrección,’ in the category of ‘Best Classical Music Album.’ The album is dedicated to Astor Piazzolla with arrangements by Thierry Caens, marking the fifth recognition from the Institut Valencià de Cultura for the ensemble. The same award was presented in the same category in 2022 for their album ‘Spanish Brass (a) LIVE.’

Tours in France, South Korea, and the United States

The ensemble continues its international tours on July 15th, participating in the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) International Conference in Gwanju-Gyeonggi, South Korea. The tour concludes with a concert alongside the Wind Orchestra of the Festival on July 19th.

Their upcoming ’35’ tour in France will take them to four major summer brass events, starting on July 7th at Le Son des Cuivres, Mammers, July 24th at Cuivres en Dombes where they will perform alongside German trumpeter Matthias Höfs, July 25th and 26th at Eurocuivres, Montbéliard, and July 30th and 31st at Cuivres en Ardennes, Sedan.

In the first week of August, Spanish Brass will perform for the first time on Chinese stages with the show ‘Caminos de España,’ featuring Spanish music and flamenco dance.

In the fall, they will return to the Americas to perform with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra alongside conductor Salvador Brotons on September 28th and 29th, and collaborate with Commonwealth University on October 6th, 7th, and 8th.

Concerts with Major Ensembles

The anniversary season will be completed with performances alongside orchestras such as ORTVE under the direction of Joseph Young, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (Canada) conducted by Salvador Brotons, Toledo Symphony Orchestra (OH, USA) with Alain Trudel, and the Extremadura Orchestra directed by Andrés Salado. Additionally, the quintet will collaborate with bands such as the Barcelona Municipal Band, the Bilbao Municipal Band, and the Soria Municipal Band.

Spanish Brass Awarded the National Music Prize of Spain

Spanish Brass Awarded the National Music Prize of Spain

Spanish Brass has been awarded the 2020 National Music Prize from Spain’s Ministry of Culture. This award, Spain’s highest musical honor, recognizes the Valencian ensemble’s trajectory for more than three decades

The jury awarded Spanish Brass this prize to recognize “the totality of its extensive career over more than 30 years as one of the most versatile and relevant brass quintets on the national and international scene. They also highlighted “the numerous collaborations that demonstrate the quintet’s commitment to contemporary Spanish culture” and “their vocation as educators, which has kept them in the forefront of bringing music to the younger generation.”

Spanish Brass would like to thank the jury of the Prize and the Spain’s Ministry of Culture for having awarded the group this distinction, and they congratulate Raquel García Tomás, who received the prize for composition, and Chano Domínguez, who received the price for new musics.

Thanks to everyone who has collaborated in the crowd-funding campaign for our CD “Les Aventures de Monsieur Jules”

Thanks to everyone who has collaborated in the crowd-funding campaign for our CD “Les Aventures de Monsieur Jules”

Very special thanks to

Bags – Salvador Andreu / Instrumentomanía

Special thanks to

Musical Campos – Nadia Giner – Paula Sais García – Viatges Guadassuar – Lucía Murillo Francés – Arts Gràfiques Garcia Besó . Alaquàs – Luis González – Família Peris Pallàs – Tot per l’Aire – Salva Tarrasó – Imma Cucarella i Àngel Perez – Belén Quirós y Raúl Finca – Kakun – Eduardo Benetó Grau – Nancy Joy – Sis Veus – Carlos Gil Ferrer – Púrpura Pansa – KamBrass Quintet – Celestino Luna y Mónica Déniz – Matías López López – Andrés Valero-Castells – Elisa Andreu González – Inmaculada Palop – Ramon Cardo, Anna Trullàs, Nel i Sira

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Abierto el plazo de inscripción para el Festival Spanish Brass Alzira

¡Ya está abierto el plazo de inscripción para el Festival SBALZ 2018!

El festival se celebrará del 3 al 7 de julio en Alzira (Valencia) y contará en las especialidades de trompeta, trompa, trombón, tuba y bombardino y música de cámara con los siguientes profesores:



Jens Lindemann (Alemania): Es profesor de High Distinction en UCLA y dirige el programa de verano de viento-metal en el Banff Centre de Canadá. Fue miembro de Canadian Brass.

Luis González: Solista internacional. Profesor del Musikene de San Sebastián y en el Conservatori del Liceu de Barcelona.

Carlos Benetó: Miembro de Spanish Brass.

Juanjo Serna: Miembro de Spanish Brass.

MASTER CLASS: Patri Soler: Trompeta solista de la Banda Municipal de Barcelona.



Miklos Nagy (Hungría): Trompa solista de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Luxemburgo y miembro del Budapest Wind Ensemble.

Nancy Joy (EE.UU.): Profesora asociada de la New Mexico State University y rompa solista de Las Cruces Symphony en la New Mexico State University y segunda trompa de la El Paso Symphony Orchestra y El Paso Opera Company.

Javier Bonet: Trompa de la Orquesta Nacional de España y profesor de la ESMUC de Barcelona.

Manolo Pérez: Miembro de Spanish Brass.



Jacques Mauger (Francia): Profesor del Conservatorio HEM de Laussane (Suiza) y solista internacional.

Alberto Urretxo: Solista de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Bilbao y profesor de Repertorio de Orquesta y Música de Cámara en el Conservatorio Superior de Euskadi (Musikene).

Carlos Gil: Profesor del Conservatorio Profesional de Música José Iturbi de Valencia.

Inda Bonet: Miembro de Spanish Brass.



Arnaud Boukhitine (Francia): Profesor de Tuba del CNSM de Lyon.

Vicente López: Catedrático del Conservatorio Superior de Música de Alicante.

Sergio Finca: Miembro de Spanish Brass.



Spanish Brass



George Foreman (EE.UU.): “Conferencia sobre Jules Levy y moderador en el Maratón del Carnaval de Venècia para corneta y piano de diversos compositores”

Xavier Piquer: “Taller Brass-Apps, tecnología aplicada al estudio del instrumento”


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Spanish Brass wins the 1st Comunitat Valenciana Musical Talent Bankia Prize

Premis Bankia al Talent Musical

Spanish Brass wins the 1st Comunitat Valenciana Musical Talent Bankia Prize

Spanish Brass has won the 1st Comunitat Valenciana Musical Talent Bankia Prize in its category. This prize was promoted by the Federación de Sociedades Musicales de la Comunitat Valenciana to recognize Valencian talent.

The jury gave the award to Spanish Brass for its interpretative excellence and for its work in expanding the contemporary brass repertoire and disseminating it around the world.

The prize was presented to the quintet by Francis Montesinos, a Valencian fashion designer who had collaborated with the group many years ago.

Spanish Brass shares the 1st Prize with Capella de Ministrers.

Brass Brass Brass at Teatre Micalet

Spanish Brass plays Brass Brass Brass at Teatre Micalet

Spanish Brass plays Brass Brass Brass at Teatre Micalet on December 19th at 7PM.

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