With a 35-year trajectory in the world of chamber music, Spanish Brass is one of the most dynamic and established groups on the international musical stage.

In 1996 the ensemble won First Prize in the 6th International Ville de Narbonne (France) Brass Quintet Competition, considered the most prestigious in the world for this formation. In 2017 Spanish Brass received First Prize in the Bankia Awards for Musical Talent of the Comunitat de Valencia, and in 2019 they received the Espai Ter de Música Award. They were also honored with five Carles Santos Awards for their CDs XXX,Mira si hem corregut terres… (2019), Les Aventures de Monsieur Jules (2020), Spanish Brass (a) Live(2021) and Resurrección (2022).

In 2020, Spanish Brass was honored by receiving the National Music Prize from Spain’s Ministry of Culture, the country’s highest musical honor.

In addition to participating in some of the most important music festivals around the world, Spanish Brass performed at the Prince of Asturias Awards Gala in 1995, recorded the music for the theatrical work “La Fundación” by Buero Vallejo for the National Dramatic Center, and composed the soundtrack for the film “Descongélate” by Felix Sabroso for the production company El Deseo.

Their discography of 32 CDs displays their many facets: Luur-Metalls Spanish Brass Quintet (1996); No Comment (1998); La Escalera de Jacob (2000); Spanish Brass Luur Metalls & Friends (2001); Delicatessen(2002); Caminos de España (2003); Absolute with Christian Lindberg and Ole Edvard Antonsen (2004);Gaudí’um (2005), Metàl.lics (2006), Retaule de Nadal with Orfeó Valencià Navarro Reverter (2006); SBALZ Brass Ensemble (2007); Brass and Wines with Steven Mead (2008); Brassiana with Lluís Vidal Trio (2008);The Best of Spanish Brass (2009); SBLM (2009); Tell Me a Brass Story with Banda Municipal de Música de Bilbao (2012); viBRASSions (2012); Metalls d’Estil with Pep “Botifarra” (2013); 25 (2014); SuBLiMe Christmas (2014; Brass Brass Brass (2016); de Vents i Terra with Banda Municipal de Barcelona (2017);Puro de Oliva with Chano Domínguez and Bandolero (2018); XXX (2018); Mira si hem corregut terres… with Carles Dénia (2019); Les Aventures de Monsieur Jules with Albert Guinovart (2019); Spanish Brass (a) LIVE(2020); Music for Brass Quintet by Gregory Fritze (2021); Music for Brass Quintet by Andrés Valero-Castells(2022); Vine, vine Spanish Brass (2022); Resurrección (2023); and 35 (2023).

In addition to their activities as performers, Spanish Brass organises two festivals devoted to brass instruments: SBALZ Festival Spanish Brass Alzira ( and Brassurround (, where some of the most prestigious international brass soloists, ensembles and teachers gather each year.

Spanish Brass plays Shires trumpets, Paxman French horn, Shires trombone and Melton tuba; Romeramouthpieces and mutes; they use the BlackBinder reader and the comprehensive management platform for ensembles Rolling Scores. Spanish Brass uses and owns the Bags brand of instrument cases.

Spanish Brass is supported by the Institut Valencià de Cultura and the Ministerio de Cultura-INAEM.


Spanish Brass
Carlos Benetó
Juanjo Serna
Manolo Pérez
Indalecio Bonet
Sergio Finca

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