Al·legories, Voro García
1. What’s this? (brass quintet)
2. Miralls trencats (solo tuba)
Transición (trombone)
3. Delicias y tentaciones (brass quintet)
Transición (brass quintet)
4. Al·legoria del vici
Transición (dance)
5. Al·legoria de la liquidesa (brass quintet)


An allegory is a metaphor that seeks to contextually explain a sought-after idea. We can define “Allegories” as a series of interconnected sound metaphors that attempt to approach an idea with sound that is understood in a different context. Allegories of certain current situations.
Sound imprints, where memory becomes present as writing.

The allegory aims to give a sound image to what has no image. To draw the abstract, to make the conceptual “visible.”

The work is structured into 5 movements, and it was precisely the last of them, “Allegories of Liquidity,” that Voro García composed first in 2018, commissioned by the Spanish Brass Alzira Festival. It is also the first show that Spanish Brass performs with dance, in this case, with two dancers.

“If the temporal structure that sustains life is an ambivalent domain of presence and absence, memory breaks this dialectic of annihilation and allows us to build on this birth – death that time entails, the historical substance, that is, a structure formed as a residue of this temporal flow”
(E. Lledó)

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