Pedagogical concert

Un po' di Fellini


I. 8½
II. Mia Milanconia
III. La Dolce Vita
IV. I Clowns
V. Il Bidone
VI. La Strada
VII. Le manine di Primavera
VIII. La Fogaraccia
IX. O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia
X. Carlota’s Galop
XI. Amarcord
XII. La Dolce Vita Blues
XIII. Lo sciecco bianco
XIV. Amarcord
XV. Otto e mezzo

(Arrangements.- Carlos Benetó)


Un po’ di Fellini is a Family and educational Show, based on the music of Federico Fellini’s films and his principal composer, Nino Rota, bringing together music, theater and cinema. The particular universe of Fellini is evoked just by listening to a few chords of the music that Nino Rota composed for the 16 films they worked on together. Fellini himself has declared on several occasions that his films would not be understood without Rota’s music.

This show aims to recreate some of the most characteristic moments of his cinematography, forever intertwined with the music of Nino Rota, through the memories of Giulietta Massina, Fellini’s wife and muse.

The show “Un po’ di Fellini“, produced by Artsimés, SL, has a production grant of 6,587 euros awarded by the Institut Valencià de Cultura of the Generalitat Valenciana as part of the subsidies for the Promotion of Musical Activities of 2020.

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