Make a Brazz Noise Here


“Make a Jazz Noise Here” is the title of one of the best-known records by the American composer-guitarist Frank ZAPPA, worshipped by avant-garde pop musicians of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

His unclassifiable artistic profile and transgressive aesthetics have inspired us to create a show including those works which resonate with our metallic voice, enhanced by electroacoustic elements and a drum set.

Seduced by his limitless creative imagination, which was influenced by such disparate artists as Edgar Varèse and Pierre Boulez as well as jazz and R & B, it has been impossible for us to escape the powerful temptation of his universe.

More than word-play, “Make a BRAZZ Noise Here” is also an experimental pretext for us to intensely enjoy living his music, his message, and his unique view of late twentieth century art. For this appealing show we are joined by famous and much admired collaborators, percussionist David Xirgu and guitarist Dani Flors.

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