Brassiana, Lluís Vidal
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Colorets, Ramon Cardo
Coloret 1
Coloret 2
Coloret 3


Brassiana is the meeting place of two musical languages: the classical discourse of contemporary times, and jazz with its intimate phonetics. A new and irresistible take on chamber music, Brassiana began with an original composition for brass quintet and rhythm section which SBLM commissioned from Catalonian composer and pianist Lluis Vidal and premiered in 2000 at the Festival “Avui Jazz” in Vila Real.

Since then, the project has matured into a full-length concert of compositions in many styles for brass quintet and jazz trio by contemporary jazz composers Lluís Vidal, Ramón Cardo, Pascual Piqueras and David Defries.


Technical requirements

A tuned piano (baby grand minimum)
1 stool
1 jazz double-bass
5 chairs
9 music stands
1 drum set 
Dressing rooms with mineral water 
Hall available 3 hours before concert 
Lighting, sound: ask for the rider

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